Equipment Division

Blue Gorilla - 27ft. Inflatable 2400

  • $300.00 /day
  • $600.00 /week
  • $1200.00 /month

Do you want to get noticed or make a big first impression?  Then this giant Blue Gorilla is the solution. With it's massive 27 foot height and the ability to hold a custom made banner it always turns heads. 

The Gorilla is very popular with retail merchants for Grand Openings, Clearance Sales, AutoSales, and many other retail events.  The Gorrilla is ideal for street fairs and carnivals, but it is also used for private events including birthday parties. The Gorilla can have a 'Banner' on his chest or hold  a banner between is hands above his head. 

Operational Requirements:
*Foot Print  -  Requires a minimum space of 20ft wide x 10ft deep x 27ft Tall
*Overhead – There can not be any power lines or other objects overhead within 25ft of gorilla
*Placement - Can not be setup within 27 feet of any street or highway.
*Electrical - Requires 115vac electricity. The blower must run continuously
*Anchoring - MUST be anchored down via 8 stakes or tied to a stationary object (water barrels will not work)
*Set Up – Aabco crew will set up the gorilla, but we will not set up on rooftops.
*Weather - Unplug to Deflate Gorilla when winds exceed 15mph or when raining (it has an electric blower!)
*Re-Inflate Gorilla – the Gorilla will re-inflate & stand up when you plug the blower back in.

Banner Specs:
Banners can be attached by tieing to the grommet hooks on the Gorillas chest and hands. You can get your own banners made at any local sign or print shop, just be sure that it has corner grommets. Use your imagination, but here are some examples: "Giant Sale"  "Huge Savings"  "the BIG 40"  "The BIG 50"  "Fall Festival" "Grand Opening" 
*Gorilla has loop ties built in (for banners) on his chest and on his hands.
*Chest can hold a maximum of 6ft x 6ft banner (we recommend using a 5ft x 5ft)
*Hands can hold a maximum of 9ft wide x 3ft tall banner
(Note: the Chest banner is the safest to use because of less wind resistance)

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